Five Spring-Summer Jewelry Trends to Look Out for This 2021

by Vidya Lakshmi March 08, 2021 3 min read

Five Spring-Summer Jewelry Trends to Look Out for This 2021

Hello again, lovely readers! It’s time for another jewelry trends update and this time, we’ve done our research to figure out what we can expect to see in jewelry this spring and summer. Some styles we talked about earlier, in our jewelry trends for the year post, are still in by the way, but three are a few new trends, worth trying out.

Read on to find out more!

Pearl Drop Earrings

Alright, we’ve said this a hundred times, but pearls are always, always in. You can never go wrong with pearl jewelry. They are probably the most sophisticated and timeless addition to your jewelry collection. So like every season, pearls are a fashion statement this time too - in the form of drop earrings. 

pearl earrings

As seen on runways, the idea this season is to wear mismatched sizes of pearls. So earrings that have both dainty pearls and also some bigger baubles are the thing. 

And just because, drop earrings are in, doesn’t mean that you only wear pearl earrings. You can opt for long pearl necklaces and pearl-studded bracelets too if you’d like. And if you’d like to live your extra life, go for some fancy glasses with pearl chains.

Galactic Jewelry

Galactic-themed jewelry seems to be in this season again. It’s probably because there’s so much enthusiasm these days about space exploration and traveling to Mars. Moon and star earrings, whether small studs or long chains, go with all kinds of outfits without making it look too over the top.

To The Moon and Back Necklace

Lightings and clouds are also a thing so go for anything that has to do with the galaxy or the sky if you’re planning to go with the trend this season.


Charms have also been in for almost every season, mainly because charms have more to do with personal styles and preferences. It’s always up to a person to decide whether they’d like to wear them and the kinds of charms they’d like to sport. They’ve been all over runways this time though, taking on a more boho or indie vibe. Wooden, lightweight charms, really simple ones like hearts and butterflies are also in. 

Charm bracelet

So if you’re a lover of simple charms or charms of any kind, then this season is probably the best, to sport them. Wear as many as you’d like on bracelets of your choice, match them or layer them, anything goes.

Colorful Beads

We’ve talked about colorful beads before, and we just have to mention them again, because they seem to be here to stay. Models have been rocking them on runways, wearing them on clothing, shoes, bags, and of course as jewelry. Just get some colorful beads this season, it doesn’t matter what kind or what jewelry it is. Anything goes as far as these beads are concerned. The only thing is that the more colorful they are, the better. 


If you can get necklaces with different sizes of beads, that’s great too. Again, with this bead trend, fashion definitely seems to be gravitating more towards the bohemian style, this season.

Mismatched Pairs

Now mismatched pairs of jewelry are a new trend, this season. We have seen them every now and then and they have made a comeback on runways and fashion shows yet again. When we say mismatched pairs, we mostly mean earrings of course. There’s nothing else that needs pairing anyway. A stud on one side and a longer, more eye-catching piece on the other is a huge statement style this season. There’s always something that connects the two mismatched pieces which makes them a pair but not actually a pair. 

It doesn’t have to be a stud and a dangling piece, it can be two drop earrings with different designs too, or two studs that appear to be entirely different but are actually similar in many ways. This trend also gives us a lot of room for improvisation.

Alright everyone, with that we’ve finished our round-up of the five best trends to look out for and try this season. Like we’ve always said, looking at trends is great but it’s always up to us to decide what we’d like to wear and not wear. Just because something is in doesn’t really mean we must wear it and just because something we like is not in fashion, doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t wear it. We need to wear what looks good on us, that’s what matters in the end.

We hope you enjoyed reading today’s blog and did find some inspiration as well. Let us know in the comments section, what you think of this season’s jewelry trends. We’d love to know your opinions too. 

Thanks so much for reading guys. Bye!

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