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Statement Cuban Link

See how shiny our brand-new statement necklace is! It’s the perfect accessory to wear on your date night or a casual dinner. It’s “statementy” but still not over the top. So, it’s bound to make you look super elegant and sophisticated. Impress him with your awesome sense of style ladies! It’s made of eco-friendly metals and a durable chain to ensure it lasts for a long time. You’re going to love this one we’re sure!


  • Choose between silver red or blue.
  • Chain Length: 16 inch.
  • Made with AAA zirconia and copper.
  • 100% lead & nickel free.

How Do I Know My Size?

  1. Use a thread to measure your neck and pinch both sides together with your finger.
  2. Mark the thread and measure the length with a ruler.
  3. Pick the size that closely matches yours (in inches).