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So if you’re a jewelry lover, you’d probably know that butterfly shaped pieces have been in fashion for centuries now. We really don’t know why but they never go out of trend. It could simply be that they are so pretty, or because they symbolise change and progress. And if you were to go through your jewelry collection now, we bet you’d find at least one butterfly necklace on there. We’ve been keeping tabs on the necklace trends nowadays and there’s no doubt that there are umpteen number of ways to make a statement. 

So today we’ve rounded up 5 different ways to style that butterfly motif necklace you own and rock it with style.  We’ve divided them into different lengths of necklaces so no matter the kind you own, we’ve got you covered. Read on if you’re looking for some new ideas.   

Butterfly Chokers

Alright so chokers are those really short necklaces that sit high on your neck or right above your collarbone. They’ve been in and out of fashion lately. But they’re definitely back with a bang so if you own one you can pair it with another long necklace (the Opera, the Matinee or Rope necklace) for a simple yet sophisticated look. Try to mix up the material and the stones here a bit so you’re not wearing the same kind. Chokers are usually best worn with V- neck tops or clothes that have a lower neckline. If you want to make the choker stand out, you can pair it with a much simpler long necklace.

Butterfly Collar Necklaces

Collar Necklaces are those that are a bit longer than chokers because they don’t sit tightly around your neck. They are made to rest on your collarbone or slightly above it. They are not usually the dainty kind so they are best worn on their own. They can make any simple outfit look all dressy in an instant. They are best worn with clothes that have a lower neckline. Off shoulder tops would be a great choice too.

Butterfly Princess Necklaces

You’ve probably already guessed that princess necklaces are a bit longer than collars, and you’re right, they are. They sit below the collarbone and again look best with V- Neck tops. If it's a dressy or chunky piece you could just wear it by itself but if it's thinner, it can be worn with a choker and a longer necklace. You just need to make sure that you choose pieces that compliment each other and do not stand out on their own. These necklaces normally go with most clothes. You can even wear them with office clothes to add that fun, feminine touch.

Butterfly Matinee Necklaces

Okay so the matinee necklace is great for layering too. It sits at the chest or slightly above it. If you’re wearing a top with a lower neckline you can pair this with a choker, but something really simple. If you’re wearing a high neck or turtle neck top then it’s best to wear a shorter (or longer based on the length of your necklace) matinee necklace that compliments this one. 

butterfly necklace

Butterfly Opera and Rope Necklaces

Opera necklaces sit below the chest area and also work well with any kind of clothes. Like we said earlier you can pair them with chokers or delicate matinee and princess necklaces to get that bolder look. Rope necklaces are also the same, just that they are much longer and don’t have a clasp. They are much more versatile though. You can even wrap them around your neck to make yourself a choker. Since the length of rope necklaces can be adjusted, you can wear them on their own (depending on how many layers you create with that one necklace ) or you can also wear them with a more simplistic choker. Butterfly rope necklaces seem hard to come by but we’ve just added this over here in case you do own one. 

So that’s it about different lengths of butterfly necklaces and how to mix and match them. Do make sure you don’t wear two butterfly necklaces together because the matching trend is totally out. It’s more about coordinating and complimenting nowadays. 

Butterfly pendant

You really need to pay attention to how dressy or how simple a necklace is. If you have a large butterfly pendant on a simple elegant chain you can pair this up with other necklaces that are not a pendant on a chain. Even with clothes, if you choose ones that are not too busy with many different colours, you can make your necklace stand out even more.

Alright, that’s the end of today’s post. Come to think of it, this guide can actually be used for all kinds of necklaces, not just the ones with butterfly designs. We hope you find these ideas helpful, do let us know in the comments down below. And have fun mixing and matching.

Bye Guys!

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