Necklaces To Match The Most Common Necklines

por Theo Olumorin noviembre 29, 2020 4 min read

Necklaces to match the most common necklines

Hey Wonderful People! Did you find our previous shopping tips handy? Navinee is back again with yet another interesting post. This is about something a lot of us struggle with - Deciding the type of necklaces that go with the neckline of our outfit. 

We did some research and came up with styling tips for the most common necklines out there. Have a look, if you’d like to know the type of necklace that best accentuates your favorite neckline.

Crew Neck

This is the most common neckline, and the most versatile because it can be worn to a party, an office, a shopping trip, any place you like, and any occasion you like. Almost all kinds of necklaces go well with a crew neck so you won’t need to think much when you choose some. 

If you’d like to add some drama, add in a chunky collar necklace. You won’t need another statement piece to compliment your outfit. 

If you’d like to take it down a notch you could always opt for a simple, elegant chain with a pendant. It’s really up to you here coz, like we said, all kinds of necklaces go well with a crew neck.

Check out these necklaces form our shop.

Vanessa Necklace

Snowflake Pendant

Turtle Neck

Turtle necks are perfect for layering. They are best if you want your accessories to be the center of attention. You must definitely try out different lengths of necklaces and try to layer two or three pieces that compliment each other. 

The type of necklaces is totally up to you here. You could wear a few simple necklaces of various lengths, starting from a short collar necklace to a chain that sits at your midriff. You could also wear just a rope chain and wrap it around a few times to create layers.

If you want to go for a statement look, opt for more chunky chains with stones or embellishments. Create some layers with those too. 

Check out some of our short necklaces

Navinee's Cluster Chain

Morpho Crystal Necklace

Asymmetrical Neck

Asymmetrical necks are great to add the “fun” and “effortlessness” elements to your outfits. You don’t’ really need chunky jewelry to go with these necklines. You could just wear simple, short pendant necklaces that bring more attention to your collar bone and add more elegance to your look. That way you’ll look more chic but effortlessly.

Here's a simple on from our shop:

Two-Piece Tiny Butterfly Charm

V- Neck

With V - necks you could try to layer two necklaces - one that sits right below your collarbone and one that is slightly longer. You could make these simple ones, that don’t draw too much attention if that’s what you prefer. 

If you’d like to look more dressed up you could go for a statement piece that sits at your collar and a longer necklace, probably with a nice edgy pedant. A choker and a pendant necklace will also work well. 

These are some pieces you could purchase from the shop:

Micro Pave Butterfly Charm

Double Chain Moon Start Choker

Deep Plunge

With these necklines, it’s best to choose a longer necklace with a nice big pendant. That would create a nice statement look. A necklace with a sparkling pendant would be great because you wouldn’t need to layer it up with other pieces. Wearing it just by itself would give you that edgy, put-together look.

long necklace

Off Shoulder

With off-shoulder outfits, it’s best to wear chokers and necklaces that sit at or right below your collarbone, coz that’s where you want to bring all the attention to. You could simply wear a big statement choker or a short necklace that accentuates your collarbone and your neck. Layering two or three short necklaces would also be great but you do need to be careful not to wear long necklaces. Keep them really short.

Check out these necklaces by Navinee:

Monarch Necklace

Navinee's Classic Tennis Chain


This is quite an elegant neckline, so it calls for more elegant jewelry. Ideally, you need to go for shorter pieces, probably collar necklaces and chokers that again compliment your collarbone and your neckline.

We wouldn’t suggest laying pieces here because an outfit with this neckline needs to look chic, so over accessorizing can ruin the whole look. One statement necklace, either with a bold pendant or a broad one that covers your collarbone would be enough to make you feel like a princess. 

Have a look at our elegant statement butterfly necklace:

Rosa Necklace

Other Necklines

Alright, some other necklines we could think of are boat necks and cowl necks. Boat necks are great for layering longer chains with or without pendants and cowl necks are best if you want to sport shorter necklaces with simple pendants.

If you’re wearing a square neck, however, you could wear a short collar necklace with a long one with or without a pendant. 

Okay, guys, those are our suggestions on pairing necklaces with common necklines. This is just a quick guide, which means we’re not saying these are the rules. You could always go with what works best for you and your outfit. You do need to consider the occasion too. 

That’s about it from us today. Don’t forget to check out some of our latest arrivals and awesome deals. 

Bye Now!

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