COVID-19 Update: Message to our valued customers.

We have now switched to a shipping carrier that is capable of faster shipping during these difficult times. For this reason, we urge you to pay for shipping to ensure faster delivery times. Please note that 100% of the shipping fee goes to the shipping carrier to ensure faster shipping times. Estimated delivery times will be 10-12 business days plus our processing times.


We apologize for the delay in shipping you may have experienced. We are fully aware that at this point we have passed the delivery timeframe that you were likely expecting at the point of purchase.

However, we want to use this message to be fully transparent with you on what is causing this delay, and then offer you a choice on how we can work together to resolve this issue. Our priority is customer satisfaction and we want to make things right.

What’s Happened

Due to COVID19, shipping from some of our global supply centers has been delayed. This in and of itself would not be a massive issue, because we have a supply chain that does not rely on ePacket shipping (a popular small parcel shipping method, but often delayed due to its reliance on passenger planes). We leverage dedicated logistics for all our customers for shipping speeds much faster than your stereotypical businesses that rely on global manufacturing. Unfortunately, for our U.S based customers, the United States Postal Service (USPS) has also been experiencing large delays due to COVID19 and, up until a few days ago, was waiting on a bailout: wI3n5_a0yv5NQi_H0Y7Ca5LhzLeAZPpI)

As a result, we are experiencing significant delays across all our shipments for orders placed before May 04, 2020.

What We are Doing

These delays are incredibly frustrating to our small business, so we can only imagine how you must feel as a customer. We want to formally apologize for this and offer you two options going forward...

1. We will give you a free gift card to help compensate for the delayed arrival.This can be used for any of our jewelry.

2. You can receive a partial refund on your item, as an apology for the delay (conditions apply).

We recognize that these options may not be what you were expecting. In an ideal world, we would just teleport your orders to you, but unfortunately this is the best we can do at the moment as we are trying to navigate the uncertainties presented by this global pandemic. 

*Send us an email if you fall into this category and still awaiting your order.

Please note that we've changed our shipping carriers and this WILL NOT affect future orders.

Thank you so so much for supporting our business in these difficult times. We honestly wouldn't exist without our valued customers. Please continue to stay safe and well during this crisis.


Navinee Team.