7 Best Charms to Include In Your Jewelry

par Vidya Lakshmi août 18, 2020 5 min read

7 Best Charms to Include In Your Jewelry

If you’ve read our post about jewelry trends that will never go out of style, you might have seen that we’ve mentioned charm bracelets. Yes! Not just charm bracelets, but all charms are totally here to stay and they go with almost any kind of outfit or any kind of jewelry. They are such a great way to just add a touch of personality to what you wear.

So there are different kinds of charms and they have different meanings. If you’re not able to decide the kind of charm that works well for you, we’ve compiled a list of the most popular ones and their meanings. Take a look to see if you find something you like. There are definitely a lot more charms than what we’ve covered here, but these are the most sought after ones.

Dream Catcher

Dream Catchers are probably the most popular option these days, not just in jewelry but in home decor, tattoos, keychains and what not. You even see them in cars nowadays. There are endless ways to sport the dream catcher. When it comes to jewelry you could use them in necklaces, bracelets and even earrings. They mainly symbolise protection because they are believed to trap all the bad dreams and let only the good ones pass through. That’s kind of why they are always found hanging on top of people's beds. 

charm necklace

They do look very pretty and elegant which is probably another reason why they are so popular. They definitely add the bohemian touch to outfits and even to your personality. So if you're a fan of that look or if you believe they do ward off bad dreams then go for the dreamcatcher charm.


Hearts, everyone probably knows symbolise love. They do make ideal gifts because of this - they are a way of showing your love for someone. They just don't need to represent love for someone else, they could symbolise love for oneself or just that you’d like to spread love throughout the world. There are even necklaces with half hearts to show bonds between friends or family. 

You could wear a heart with an arrow to show that you're in love with someone too. There are also small cases you get in the form of hearts, where you can add tiny pictures of your loved ones. Again, they are so simplistic and elegant, they look awesome with all kinds of outfits.

Check out our heart earrings if you'd like.

Pave Heart and Start Earrings


Evil Eye

Some cultures believe that certain kinds of glances by others can bring bad luck and misfortune to a person. So an evil eye is often hung at construction sites, big companies, establishments, certain objects and as part of jewelry so the glance goes to the evil eye and not to the bearer of the charm. So it’s kind of considered as protection from people’s jealousy and bad vibrations. 

Evil Eye Charm

Just like dream catchers they do add a more bohemian element to your outfit so they go well with those styles. They are more casual than formal though.

Tree Of Life

The tree of life mainly symbolises connection between beings on earth. It shows that we’re all connected to one another and that all our actions do have repercussions. It also signifies the connection to nature and our dependence on it. Some also believe that it symbolises growth, grounding, immortality and health. So it really depends on the wearer to decide what it actually represents. It can be worn by anyone because it doesn't specifically represent any culture. It is the case with most of the charms we talk about here. 

Tree of life charm

There are different kinds of jewelry out there that sport the tree of life symbol. You can purchase necklaces with these charms, bracelets, earrings and rings. So you get a wide choice there.


The Butterfly charm has been used in jewelry for ages now. We started using this charm mainly fascinated by the transformation of a butterfly from the caterpillar to the cocoon and then to the beautiful end form. It is indeed an amazing change. The charm is said to symbolise the same thing too -Transformation or Metamorphosis. So it could represent a change of environment or oneself for the better. The charm also reminds us that we must let go of our old selves in order to change into better versions in future. Some also say that the butterfly symbol means beauty and freedom.

Here are some of our butterfly charm necklaces and butterfly earrings:

Butterfly Hoop Earrings

Morpho Crystal Necklace

Multi CZ Butterfly Charm

Hand Of Hamsa

There are a few different beliefs related to the hand of hamsa. Some believe it to have the same significance as the evil eye, which is to protect against jealousy and bad vibes. Some believe it to bring good fortune, abundance and health. Sometimes it is also called the Hand of Miriam or Hand of Fatima. Some cultures also believe it to be a representation of five senses. So again, it really depends on what your beliefs are.These symbols are mostly worn in bracelets, but you could find necklaces and rings as well.

hand of Hamsa

Four Leaf Clover

The four leaf clover is mainly believed to bring good luck because it is very rare. So if you do find one then you’re considered lucky. Some also believe that each leaf of the clover represents one of the four elements of good fortune - One is for hope, one is for faith, one is for luck and once is for love. So if you wear one, you’re believed to attract all of this into your life.

four leaf clover

Again, these charms are mostly worn in necklaces but you could find bracelets and anklets as well. They are so elegant, so feminine and do go with any kind of outfit.

Some Bonus Honourable Mentions

We didn't want to stop at 7 so here are some bonus mentions, just to give you some more options. 

Cat - Curiosity, self love independence and intelligence

Bee - Fertility and bonding

Birds - Freedom, friendship and independence

Peace - Peace on earth

How to Decide

Okay so now you know the most used charms and their significance. But the ultimate decision is yours. Like we said, there are way more than what’s mentioned on this list so you could do a bit more research if you’d like. The real catch is to figure out what you like to convey. Charms mainly represent a person and their belief so it's up to you to come up with a way to show what you believe in.

That wraps up today’s post everyone. We really hope it helped decide what you stand for, atleast  to an extent. Adding charms to jewelry is so much fun, coz you can add as many as you like. You can sport them in different types of jewelry too, like necklaces, bangles, bracelets, anklets - so many options. Let us know in the comments if you'd like to add anything more to the list. Check out our shop for some awesome and affordable jewelry too.

Bye Guys!

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