5 Easy Ways to Clean Your Jewelry At Home

by Vidya Lakshmi augusztus 30, 2020 4 min read

5 Easy Ways to Clean Your Jewelry At Home

Okay everyone, welcome back to Navinee’s blog. If you haven’t checked out last week’s post, here it is. It’s kind of different because it was more about lifestyle than accessories. 

We’re back to jewelry basics once again though. And today we wanted to give you some tips on how to clean your own jewelry so that you don’t really have to spend a lot of money hiring a pro. Most of us overlook this and end up not being able to get enough wear out of our jewelry. So in this post, we’ve gathered up 5 simple methods to clean them up and actually get them to last longer. Here they are:

Use Baking Soda

Alright, baking soda is perfect for diamonds, gold, and silver jewelry. All you have to do is place your jewelry in a bowl of warm water and add some baking soda to it. And then you just need to let it sit for a while. You don't even have to do any scrubbing. After some time you’ll probably notice the water getting a little dull or cloudy. This is because of a process called ion transfer. It’s just a natural process that removes dirt from compounds. This is exactly why we use it for metals like gold and silver. And like we said, diamonds too. But do make sure not to use this method on pearls or gemstones that are not that hard. It might cause some damage to them.

baking soda

By Using Dish Soap and Some Water

This method does need a bit of scrubbing. You can probably use a toothbrush just to slowly scrub off all the stubborn dirt. Another way is to add some baking soda as well to the mixture. That would make it a bit stronger. You could leave jewelry in there for a while and then it might be easier when you start scrubbing. This method is great for when you want to clean hard gemstones like diamonds and platinum jewels. It might not be safe with silver or gold though.  Stones like CZs can be cleaned by dipping a cloth in some warm water with dish soap too. 

dish soap

With Some Antibacterial Wipes

Antibacterial wipes or antibacterial sprays are also great if you want to remove stains and mild tarnish. They work well for softer gemstones that may wear off if we were to use dish soap or baking soda. Since they are mild cleansing agents, they work for all kinds of jewelry. With the wipes, you could just use one to quickly wipe off dirt and then go over the piece of jewelry once again with a dry cloth or tissue. With the spray, you could just add some to a bowl and leave your jewelry sitting in the chemical for a little while. After that, you could just wipe it off with a dry cloth. You could use a toothbrush to scrub a little right after you use the wipe or the spray. These cleaning agents may not remove really tough stains though. 


With Toothpaste

Now toothpaste is something that most of us wouldn’t think of when it comes to cleaning jewelry. But it does actually work. It has a possibility of leaving scratches so you probably shouldn’t use it on soft gemstones, sliver, or gold. You could use it on all other metals and crystal-like gems. All you need to do is rub some on to your jewelry to give it a nice polish and then wipe it off with a dry cloth. You could also run it under cold water just to get the excess toothpaste off and then wipe off with a dry cloth.


Using Boiling Water

Using boiling water is probably the simplest of all methods we’ve talked about today. This method is again great for your gold and silver jewelry. It works well for diamonds and platinum too. Just grab a bowl to keep your jewelry and then add hot water until all of them are covered. Keep them soaked until the water cools down. After this, you could use a toothbrush again to scrub off the dirt. Sometimes you’ll just need to use a cloth to wipe off the grime. Follow up with a dry cloth or tissue and your jewelry will be as good as new. 


By the way, when using cleaning agents and toothpaste, remember to run your jewelry under cold water before drying them just to get the excess chemical off. Using lint-free cloth would also be a good idea. 

Alright guys, hope you find these methods useful. If you are able to clean your jewelry from time to time, you’ll definitely get them to last much longer. And we’ve all done this, we’ve kept old jewelry just lying around in our boxes just because we thought we needed to take them to a jeweler or buy expensive cleaning agents. These methods are a great way to end this habit because most of the things are already available at home. All you have to do is pay attention to your jewelry and you’ll know when to clean them.

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