5 Modern Ways To Rock Your Diamond Jewelry

by Vidya Lakshmi agosto 04, 2020 4 min read

5 Modern Ways To Rock Your Diamond Jewelry

The thing with fashion these days is that anything is trendy as long as you look good in it. This means there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to styling your outfits and accessories. If you can carry it off, then it’s good. Which is why there is so much talk about not blindly following trends and doing what fits you best.

The same goes with diamonds. Gone are the days when diamonds were reserved for special occasions and weddings. Whether you're going shopping or on a casual night out with friends, you’re allowed to get as creative as you’d like. Which means you can very much sport them with everyday wear. Coz after all you can never have enough bling.

With that being said, you might want to still consider a few of these tips we’ve rounded up just so you get some ideas on how to style them. 

With Office Wear

With office wear, you could opt for simple elegant earrings that look quite appealing yet not too loud. You could also wear thin diamond studded bracelets or rings that don’t weigh down your hands and fingers. Coz of all the typing you might need to do. Delicate necklaces and nose pins would look awesome too.

Butterfly and heart motifs can add a very feminine touch to your outfit. Earlier, they used to be styled with casual wear alone but that’s definitely not the case these days. So if you own simple butterfly earrings or a delicate butterfly necklace you could definitely rock them with your formal wear without making it look too over the top.

diamond earrings

With Casuals

If you’re like us, you'd probably want to wear diamonds every single day, whenever you see fit. So you'd definitely want to wear them with your casuals too. Like we said, diamonds are no more restricted to be worn to special events and with formal attire. You can pretty much pair them with your knit sweaters and cotton tees. 

The best way to wear diamonds daily would be to own a simple pair of earrings.They look super classy and go with almost every outfit no matter the color or kind. Another idea is to wear diamond studded bracelets and rings. You can even wear more than one ring on a finger and kind of stack them up. Just make sure you're not wearing diamonds of the same shape. Just like with formal wear you can show off your diamond necklaces with casual tops and dresses that have lower necklines. If you want your jewelry to stand out, you could wear clothes that are not too busy with lots of different colors and designs.  

diamond rings

With Messy Hair

Before, when we thought of diamond earrings and jewelry we always thought of nicely done hair or probably a sleek updo. We are slowly moving away from that trend too. Neatly done hair is definitely a thing with formal events and weddings but diamonds don't need to be reserved for such events alone. That’s what we’ve been talking about all this while. As much as diamonds go with casual wear, they go with messy buns and undone hair. Diamond earrings are of course great for everyday wear. Your simplistic diamond bracelets, nose pins and rings would also stand out with more natural looking hair that doesn't draw much attention.

Again, if you have diamond studded butterfly necklaces, or butterfly earrings, or heart shaped pieces, they could add a more girly touch to your whole look.

diamond necklace

Mixing Up Metals

You could also consider mixing up metals when it comes to wearing pieces that have diamonds. For example if you decide to stack two diamond studded tennis bracelets, you could opt for a white gold or silver with another gold piece. This would get rid of that overtly matchy look but would still look put together.

You could also try to mix and match some modern jewelry with some vintage ones and see how that goes. Especially when you decide to stack rings or bracelets, this combo could add a lot more depth to your look.

Get Even More Creative

Okay, again, if you love to wear diamonds everyday, there are so many unique ways you can try. All you need to do is put in some thought. Just get creative. Diamonds don't just have to be on earrings and necklaces. Consider sporting a diamond brooch if you can get your hands on one. Another unconventional way is to wear some diamond studded sunglasses. It’s all just up to you. We’ve seen so many stars sporting that look, even on major award nights and runways. If you think outside the box you could probably come up with a hundred creative ways to wear your diamonds. 

So that wraps up today’s post. We really hope you got some good ideas. Let us remind you that the possibilities are endless when it comes to jewelry. So do experiment with everything you have and you might actually come up with some awesome styles that you really like. If you have anything at all to add to our list, let us know in the comments down below.

Bye for now.

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