Black Friday Shopping Tips For 2020

by Vidya Lakshmi novembre 16, 2020 5 min read

Black Friday Shopping Tips For 2020

A warm hello to all our lovely readers. Since Black Friday and Cyber Monday are just around the corner, we wanted to give you some tips on how you could make the best use of the offers, actually get everything you’re looking for, and have lots of fun while you’re at it. 

If you’re serious about Black Friday shopping then read on to know how you can find the best bargains and score some great discounts for your favorite products. 

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Alright so let’s start with our shopping tips: 

Do your Research 

Our first and foremost advice would be to do a lot of research before you start shopping at all. It would save you lots of time and energy. AND it could save you more money too. Especially during these times, it would help you stay away from crowded areas and from waiting in long queues outside stores. If you know what you want, you could quickly make your purchase and leave, be it online or in-store.

It would be great to sign up for newsletters by brands you’re looking to buy from, probably a month before the sales, so you’ll know everything about their new offers and discounts. 

And of course, social media would come quite in handy too. If you follow your favorite brands you’d be super updated about their new deals. You’d also know what’s in stock which would help you choose what you like much quicker. There are also many apps that you could use to compare prices, even websites that give lots of details, specs, reviews, and price comparisons. So research is the best way to get the most out of Black Friday Sales and Cyber Monday too. 

Start Shopping Early

For some reason, this year most of the Black Friday shopping deals have started quite early. We might as well start buying earlier too. There would be more choices and more stock as well. If we wait for the last moment, brands might run out of stock and we might end up not getting what we wanted. There is this trend of waiting till the actual Black Friday to start with the shopping, but that wouldn’t be such a great idea this year, because there could be a lot of rush which could cause a lot of technical difficulties and products going out of stock really quickly. Since most of the shops started their sales already, there may not be many changes at the last minute anyway. Especially with electronics, the earlier the better is the idea this year. 

Black Friday shopping deals

It’s also great to add products to your cart earlier on and wait till the offers are out. You could keep checking the prices too, so you’d know if there are discounted rates. Adding products to your cart or your wishlist can help you think about your choices, kind of sleep over them, and finally, make a decision about whether to purchase them or not. This is especially true with electronics because they are in very high demand around the Black Friday and Cyber Monday months. 

Check For Compatibility of Tech Products

If you’re purchasing products from overseas, make sure you read all the specs and the reviews thoroughly. Some products may be locked for overseas use and may not work with your devices. This you might know only after you receive them at home. Doing some research in those areas might be a good idea. Also, you may not get a refund if the product is on sale. This is the case with most overseas dealers. 

You could also check to see if the product is safe for use and also if it is legal to import the item into your country. If the seller is from a different country they may not be aware of the rules in yours.

Understand The Actual Price

Understanding the actual price of the product is very important to make sure that you’re actually buying it at a discount. Some sellers, mostly online, offer you a discount at first, but when you try to check out, there might be shipping charges, surcharges, and all sorts of fees involved. This may negate all that discount you received in the first place. 

Black Friday shopping online

If you’re paying in a currency other than your own, you might want to look at exchange rates too. Keeping a watch on the real price and the discounted one will help you decide if you actually want the product too. Sometimes, you might want to think about postponing your purchase if you’re not in need of it at the moment. 

Compare Prices and Products

Compare prices and deals offered by different companies before you make your actual purchase. Like we said before, there are lots of websites and apps that offer comparisons between your favorite brands and products. This may not be necessary for clothing, though you can do it with clothes too, you may especially want to do this in the case of more expensive items like mobile phones and other electronics. Do patiently compare some pros and cons and really analyze if it’s gonna be worth the money. This would help you from regretting your decision later on.  

Black Friday Shopping Deals Online

Black Friday shopping is just as good online as well. Especially this year with the pandemic situation. It’s not necessary that you always walk into a store to get the best deals. There may be better ones online. Some stores may have the same discounts both online and in-store. So you won’t have to take the trouble of traveling all the way to those shops. It saves so much time and effort. You can get all that you want within the comfort of your home. Even comparing products and deals would be easier. All you’d need is a little patience until your product is delivered to your doorstep.

Okay, so that wraps up today’s post. Hopefully, you found some useful tips here. We really think that some guidance is necessary when it comes to shopping on Black Friday and Cyber Monday because brands are quite competitive when it comes to their offers and discounts. With so many choices, it’s so easy to get confused and carried away. Let us know in the comments if you’re excited about shopping this month.

Don’t forget to have a look at our discounts too. Thanks for stopping by!

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