Five Jewelry Trends To Look Out For This Year

by Vidya Lakshmi gennaio 11, 2021 3 min read

Five Jewelry Trends To Look Out For This Year

Hey Guys!

Hope the new year is going well for you. And we also hope you’re safe and healthy. Since the holidays are over there’s nothing very exciting to look forward to right now. Unless you have something planned, there’s not gonna be another fun and festive holiday for a while now. 

We thought it might be fun to look at some new fashion trends at least to cheer us up a bit. In our last post, we went through new clothing trends to look out for this year. In today’s post, we wanted to talk about jewelry.

So without further ado, here’s a round-up of Jewelry Trends 2021

Statement Jewelry

Statement Jewelry has been IN for the past few years now and it seems like they’re here to stay. Expect to see all sorts of statement pieces this year. Runways have seen lots of new styles already, like long earrings that brush the shoulders, bags that double as necklaces (Yes that’s right - BAGS), textured and crushed bracelets - designers have gotten quite creative this year. Heavy and big seems to be the way to go, so the bigger the better. 

If you’re someone who's itching to think out of the box and try out super creative, stuff, then this might be your year.

Have a look at some of Navinee's statement pieces too.

Janetta Necklace

Cali Necklace

Bella Earrings


Pearls have always been IN. We don’t think they go out of style, ever. They are just too classy and elegant to be not trendy. You can wear pearls in all shapes and sizes this year coz they’re all in fashion. The trend on runways is to layer a few mismatched pieces to create a more “Statement” look but if you’re into simple necklaces and bracelets, do go for that too.

pearl necklace

This is for everyone who’s not able to handle all that heavy hardware that comes with statement jewelry made of metal. But if you’d like you could also pair up some pearls with your textured pieces too. That would be a great look.

Colorful Beads

Just like last year, bright colors are still trendy. But it’s on beads this time. Brightly colored beaded necklaces are all over runways this time. Long chains or small chokers they’re all IN. You could wear beaded bracelets or even earrings. They are super easy to style, coz they go with almost anything (except for office wear). And you don’t have to bother too much about taking care of them either. They are so versatile and durable. So lightweight too. So add in that bohemian vibe by sporting some colored beads this year.

 beads necklace


Bangles have been forgotten for a while now. They were probably at the back of our heads but we somehow forgot that they’re super trendy and super chic. Bangles are another kind of versatile jewelry, actually one of THE MOST versatile pieces coz they go with anything and everything. They look great with casuals, formals and even traditional clothes no matter where you’re from.


They are back on runways again and they seem to be on the more statement style this year. As we said, textured and crushed metal bangles that look like cuffs are totally IN this year. 

If your someone who’s into thinner, more dainty ones then those are in too. Sport them any which way you like - pair them with other bracelets, layer them, wear one by itself, do whatever you like coz it’s all trendy.

Long Necklaces

Wearing long necklaces is another trend that’s been IN for a while now. This year too they seem to be all over runways. You could layer them with other pieces or wear statement pieces by themselves, whatever you feel like. Gold and copper are the colors that seem to be around more but that’s something each individual needs to decide. It totally depends on you, coz there’s so much you need to consider like metals you like and metals you’re allergic to. 

long necklace

But do get creative and sport some of those long necklaces you own.

That brings us to the end of today’s post guys! Hope you enjoyed reading it and do let us know in the comments what you feel about this year’s trends. Don’t forget to check out some of our awesome jewelry too.

Thanks so much for stopping by.

Talk Soon!

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