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5 Things You Should Know About September Birthstones

сентябрь 01, 2019 1 min read

If you didn't know already, the birthstone of the month of September is Sapphire

Here are 5 things you may not have known about this gorgeous gemstone:

  1. Sapphire is a Greek word for Blue. Although, they are originally colourless with traces of iron and titanium responsible for its blue-ish hue. They also exis in green, yellow, orange, colourless, purple & black. They do not exist in red as that is a different gemstone called Ruby. 
  2. They are formed from Corundum; a very hard and durable material second only to diamonds. This means they are perfect for long term wear - such as bridal & engagement rings
  3. Sapphire is the official birthstone for people born in September or under the star sign or virgo. It is also the perfect gift gem for 5th and 45th wedding anniversaries.
  4. Green Sapphires exist - And they are considered to be more harder and durable than the most sought after green gemstone Emeralds.
  5. It symbolizes wisdom, royalty, strength, kindness, a promise of honesty, purity, and trust. You'd probably relate to some of these qualities if you're virgo. Some.

As a Bonus we'd like to give honourable mentions to the locations for the most prized Sapphires: Myanmar (Burma), Sri Lanka, and Kashmir. If you've got a reason to get a Sapphire gemstone for a loved one, then do it. And explain to a loved one why you decided to gift this gemstone, or don't.

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