Need vs Want - How to Shop on A Budget

by Vidya Lakshmi сентябрь 07, 2020 4 min read

Need vs Want - How to Shop on A Budget

And we’re back again all you wonderful people! From now on we’ve decided that we not just talk about jewelry and gemstones, but all things fashion and lifestyle. Because we want you to look and feel your best all the time. Jewelry is definitely a part of this but there are so many other things we need to consider. We want to help you out a bit, just give you simple fashion advice and styling tips. 

Here’s why today’s topic is “Need vs Want”. Today we’ve gathered up five strategies to shop for clothes on a budget. Shopping is awesome! Its therapy! And most of all, everyone needs to wear clothes. Take a look at these techniques to create the best fashion wardrobe for yourself without spending crazy money.

Wardrobe Staples

Out wardrobe staples depend on our personal style. So take some time, give it some thought and decide on your true personal style. Write down all the basics items of clothing that make up this wardrobe. Maybe there are ten tops, ten pairs of pants, five skirts, and maybe two pairs of shorts that define your style. Think about how you can mix and match all these pieces of clothing. Also, think about the colors that you’d like to own. See if they all go well with each other. And who knows, maybe you can create a hundred looks even, with just these few different clothes.  Have a look at our list of wardrobe staples if you're looking for ideas.

wardrobe staples

Really understanding your own style and color choices would be super helpful when you go shopping. Especially if you have a whole list of things that you feel will define you. That way you wouldn’t buy anything that’s not on the list.


This is another super important thing to keep in mind. And this will save you a lot of money. Always shop for clothes in opposite seasons. Because most of the time, at the beginning of each season retailers are trying to get rid of clothes from a previous season. So you could probably shop for winter clothes at the beginning of spring and summer clothes at the beginning of fall. There would be so many sales and markdowns for good quality clothes. Even at the end of each season, shop owners offer massive discounts to make those quick sales.


Use Sales But Don’t Shop Just Because

Speaking of sales, that brings us to our next point. We definitely recommend you to make use of sales. Yes, they’re a great way to save a few bucks. But do consider a few things before you make your purchase. First of all, don’t go buying clothes just because there’s a sale happening. That is not necessary. And do a little bit of math. Check the price of the garment you’d like to buy and think about the number of times you’ll likely wear it. You could consider other things like fashion trends, care for the clothing, and like we said, whether it suits your list of personal style staples. When we said to think about the number of times you’d wear a particular clothing piece, we meant to calculate the value of each wear too. So if you buy something that’s worth $50 and you think you might wear it five times a year, it’s probably not that worth it. Unless you have a really really good other reason to buy it, you probably shouldn’t.



Okay, now here are some things we’ve all done. We’ve bought clothes in a smaller size hoping to work out and fit into it. And some of us probably still do. When we buy clothes for our kids, we get bigger sizes because we think they’ll get bigger really quickly and be able to fit into it. Seriously, this is not good practice. When we buy smaller clothes we end up not wearing them ever because we wouldn’t fit into them. And with children’s clothes, by the time they grow up the clothing would have worn out. So it would be a good idea to buy clothes that currently fit you and are your perfect size. This is a great way to look more put together and neat. 

Go Out To Shop

This is another way to spend less. Make a list of clothes you’d like to get in one trip and go out. Online shopping is definitely easy and convenient. But you see too many options in a very short time. This could tempt you to buy more, and often things that you might not need end up in your cart. Before you know it you would have exceeded your budget. Especially when some stores offer discounts and free shipping if you shop beyond certain limits. If you’re serious about sticking to your budget, go out to shop. Take a look at the clearance sections and look for discounts. Also start off by shopping from retailers that are on the cheaper side but do have quality clothing. You might find what you wanted without even looking at expensive stores.

online shopping

Alright everyone, hope you were able to learn a thing or two about shopping on a budget today. Let us know in the comments down below if you have more tips on how to look fashionable on a lower budget. 

Bye Now!

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