5 Best Jewelry Trends of 2020

by Vidya Lakshmi September 13, 2020 3 min read

5 Best Jewelry Trends of 2020

Jewelry can make such a huge difference to an outfit, don’t you agree with us? At Navinee, we think that an outfit is not actually complete without adding the right type of jewelry. If you want to look chic and classy all the time, just like clothes, you must invest in some good jewelry that suits your personality and style. Today we’ve rounded up five of the best trends in 2020 so far. If you’re thinking of buying some new jewelry, this will probably give you some ideas about new trends these days. So without further ado let’s move on...


If you’ve read our post about jewelry trends that will never go out of style, you’ve probably seen that we’ve mentioned pearls. Pearls are always IN, no matter the season, no matter the year. Anything pearl is super trendy, so make sure to invest in some if you haven’t already. And we do mean anything. From simple studs to long necklaces, they add that touch of class and elegance to any outfit. And this year by the way is all about big necklaces, bracelets, and chunky pieces made of pearls.

pearl necklace

Animal Motifs

Butterfly motifs, hearts, bees, and the like have always been around, but animal motifs have been kind of in and out. This year though, they are definitely in. So if you’re going for the trendy, updated look then definitely invest in some of them. Runways this year saw such wonderful animal designs - snakes, birds, scorpions, and fish. And of course, all-time favorites like cats, dogs, and rabbits. The trend is not to blend in guys, so make sure to go big and flashy.

snake pendant

Thick Chains And Chokers

This year would be the best to sport some chunky necklaces and statement chokers with your day to day outfits. Because like we said, going big seems to be the trend when it comes to necklaces. Statement pieces were usually worn by themselves but now they are being matched and layered with other chunky chains. Have a look at some of our picks if you’re thinking of getting some.

Bulky Envy Cuban Link

Luzon Necklace

Navinee's Cluster Chain

Hoop Earrings

Speaking of going big, statement hoops are also a thing in 2020. It's not like they went out of fashion, they've just gotten bigger and bolder. Invest in some if you haven’t already because they seem to be ruling the runways this year. Besides, they add such a classy flair to any outfit and do go with almost anything. Get some chunky hoops for special occasions and parties. And if you're looking for a bit more subtle yet eye-catching ones for everyday wear, have a look at these hoop earrings from our shop.

Bella Earrings

Butterfly Hoop Earrings

Bright Stones and Enamels

This is another trend in 2020. Anything that has bright colors is IN. It was the golden rule on runways this year. Designers were not afraid to play with bright colors and to mix and match different metals and textures even. So don’t you worry about going wrong when it comes to mixing or layering. Coz it’s all trendy.

enamel jewelry

So guys that is it for today’s post. As you can see this year is all about standing out and making heads turn. Bright colors and big statement jewelry is totally is the thing. And of course, we have said this before, as time goes by, the trend is changing to more about being yourself. So don’t be afraid to do what you like. Let us know in the comments, some of your favorite trends this year.

Bye Everyone,

Talk soon!

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