About Us

Everyone has a story. Our story is that of sheer perseverance and relentless pursuit to add value to every jewelry wardrobe. Navinee was started by two college students who felt the need to serve others with stylish accessories they can actually afford. In 2018, the idea came together after careful planning and lots of hard work. Yes, lots!

Navinee was a company who could not fend for itself and needed all the help it could get - similar to every startup out there. 'As a college student, I had to learn fast and use limited resources wisely' - Theo. Our goal to provide beautiful jewelry at an affordable price was set in motion alas. Slowly and steadily, we started to grow as a company, and as a community with valued customers who trust our products. We recall the tedious process we went through to get our first customer. The one stranger who believed our cause before we were on course to move forward.


Today, navinee is growing fast with over thousands of customers enjoying our gorgeous fashion accessories. What do we do differently? Well, get ready to be mind blown or disappointed. Our structure is fairly simple: Other retail brand companies are essentially the last piece of a long marketing line of intermediate wholesale companies. Therefore, the final price of a piece of jewelry is almost 10X the cost to make that jewelry. Insane right?! It’s the reason a lot of Jewelry cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. (And yes we understand that not all jewelry are the same, especially with high priced rare stones). At Navinee, we cut out all the intermediate mark up prices by working directly with our manufacturers. This way, we are able to preserve the quality of every fashion jewelry at an affordable price. We work with our manufacturers in the U.S and China. At the moment, this impacts our shipping times as we are still working on having our own fulfillment centre. However, our customers love that they can get what they want at a fair price. And why not? Quality jewelry does not have to break the bank. Everyone should be given a chance to look flawless in their #ootd. Our values are tied into serving our customers to enable them do more. And we’re just getting started. Join the movement #shopnavinee. We’ll rock this together.



navinee team.